How to Seek The Face of God Continually

In 1 Chronicles 16:11, we read: Seek the Lord and his strength, seek his face continually.

A straightforward analysis shows that the numerical equivalence of the portion “seek his face continually” is 1008.

Now, 1008 = 168 x 6. But 168 is the identifier of the Lord’s Prayer in the Gospel of Luke:

The identifier of the Lord’s Prayer in the Gospel of Luke is 168

The prayer times of the Lord’s Prayer, as derived in the book, are {10.35am, 10.53am, 1.35pm, 1.53pm, 3.15pm, 3.51pm, 5.13pm, 5.31pm}, which come from the number 153 recorded in John 21:11. The numeral 153 has 6 permutations {135, 153, 315, 351, 513, 531}.

CONCLUSION: When we pray the Lord’s Prayer, we seek the Face of God continually.

Note: This result is consistent with How to Seek Him and Find Him.

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