About Lead Author


I am Dr Jito Vanualailai, the lead author of the book “The Lord’s Prayer: A Mathematician’s Creed.”   The co-authors are Eroni Tomasi, Paulo Vanualailai and Jope Takala.

We are all from the tiny island of Fiji in the South Pacific.

I obtained my PhD in Applied Mathematics (Systems and Control Theory) from Kobe University, Japan, in 1994, after which I joined the School of Computing, Information & Mathematical Sciences of the University of the South Pacific, Fiji, where I am now Professor of Applied Mathematics. My research interests include Stability of Nonlinear Systems, Artificial Neural Networks, Volterra Integro-differential Systems, Planning Algorithms, and Swarm Intelligence.

My publications are listed at my Google Scholar site.

Outside of these domain, I am very interested in bridging the gap between SCIENCE and FAITH using mathematics.  As a first attempt in this direction, I co-authored the book wherein it is shown that it was now possible for mathematicians and other scientists and theologians to meaningfully work together to begin to study the Bible with a new tool of biblical interpretation – what my co-authors and I call Biblical Mathematics.

The details are in our book “The Lord’s Prayer: A Mathematician’s Creed.”  An e-version  can be downloaded here.

Please do not hesitate to use this blog site to ask us any question or comment on our posts regarding the book. We hope that as an outcome of our exchanges of ideas, we all grow together in our spiritual lives.



21 August 2018