Is the Lord’s Prayer Already In Its “Pristine” Form?

A belief in Judaism is that prayers are not presentable to God unless they are “edited” by angels of God. The edited form is a prayer’s pristine form. The following paragraphs are taken from the article All About Angels by Lazer Gurkow posted up at Chabad.Org:

Our sages taught that every word of our prayers summons an angel who collects it, cleanses it and perfects it, and presents it to G‑d. If the word was enunciated improperly, the angel remolds it so that it is presented correctly. If it was said without proper mindfulness, or worse, if it was chanted with inappropriate thoughts, the angel removes the stray thought and presents the prayer to G‑d in pristine form. If it was said in a language other than Hebrew, the angel interprets it and presents it to G‑d in the Holy Tongue.

Knowing that every word of our prayer is examined by an angel for grammatical correctness and for proper concentration serves to enhance our mindfulness during prayer. It inspires us to be alert to the words of our prayer and to pray with complete devotion.

We can only come to the conclusion that since Jesus Christ is the Son of God Himself, when He taught His disciples His prayer (in Aramaic), it was already in pristine form, with no need for any editing by the angels.

When we pray the Lord’s Prayer now in English (or in any language) and in complete devotion, the angels assigned to us by God need only present the Lord’s Prayer in the Holy Tongue. Could this be the reason why the Lord’s Prayer is so powerful, with almost instantaneous result?

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